Ontario Residential Tenancies Act

David Whelan

An example e-book showing an enhanced version of an Ontario legislative act on landlord tenant law.

A law can be difficult to read. In many cases, it is poorly written and formatted worse. This is an attempt to take a law that is difficult to read and enhance it by adding internal links, improved formatting, and external resources to supporting or interpreting law.


Book Description

Laws generated by legislatures are frequently difficult to read and use, even by those trained to do so.  This text is an attempt to take a publicly available statute – Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act – and improve its readability while enhancing it.  This has involved clearing up the numbering scheme and using indentations to make the document structure clearer.  The text also has internal jump links as well as links out to supporting legislation and cases to help in understanding what the law itself has been interpreted to mean.