This book is for law students. It is one person’s view of technology and law practice. It includes an introduction to some of the history and an overview of current state of technology. Mostly, the goal is to try to match up what happens in a law practice with the technology that can enable or interfere with those activities.

I am not a practicing lawyer.  I started in a legal technology software company before law school, clerked at a large law firm for a few years, and went straight into working with legal information and technology.

This text is a free resource for law students preparing to start practice or as a basis for law faculty devising textbooks for the emerging law office technology or law practice courses in North American law schools.

This text is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. I hope others will add and customize for their own purposes and share their customizations with anyone who can benefit from them. In particular, this text could be enhanced by:

  • Greater identification of which technologies are found more commonly in particular firm sizes (solo, 2-10 lawyer firms, firms up to 50, and so on)
  • Short case studies written by lawyers who have opted to use, or avoid, a technology in a given part of their practice area, to give greater context to the technology use