Law Practice Technology

David Whelan

A quick look at the technology a law student will use after passing the bar.

The legal profession uses both general business and specific technology for law practice. This text, intended for law students about to embark on practice, walks through the technology within the context of how it is used in a law practice. It is an introduction for students in legal technology seminars in law schools as well as those trying to prepare for their new professional career.


Book Description

Technology powers the modern law practice.  It is an enabler for legal professionals, mostly lawyers, to do the work that sets them apart.  When law students are approaching the horizon of starting to practice, they may be unfamiliar with the types of technology they may come across or should be considering as they prepare to join the bar.

This text is aimed at law students and faculty teaching legal technology in law schools.  For the former, this is a free resource that I hope gives them some additional context, gathering together a bunch of legal technology topics into a single place.  It is high level, just a starting point.  It is also free for faculty, who may be able to use or cannibalize parts of it as they fine tune their curriculum for teaching legal technology in law schools.

It is not comprehensive.  It skips certain areas and takes a rather generic path through a typical legal matter.  Even as I’m writing this, I can think of areas that I might flesh out, given additional time.  The text is licensed under a Creative Commons license so feel free to improve it yourself.  I will continue to update it as time and interest allows.

About the Author

David Whelan has been leading information teams and managing libraries for nearly 20 years, focused on access to legal information and practice technology. David received a J.D. from the University of Arkansas-Little Rock Bowen School of Law and his Masters of Library Science from the University of North Texas. He has worked in academic and Read more »