Confidentiality in a Wired World

David Whelan

A quick guide for lawyers protecting confidential information in a digital world.

Lawyers use technology throughout their practice. They have professional obligations to protect the private and confidential information they gather about their clients during their representation. A lost laptop, misaddressed e-mail, or bad habits in handling a smart phone can lead to inadvertent but damaging disclosures. This short e-book will walk you through the basic steps you need to secure the technology - and the information it contains - that you use every day.


Book Description

Lawyers are awash with information about technology and the practice of law.  This e-book covers the basic areas lawyers should consider to secure information that they collect from their clients.  Lawyers capture both private and confidential information and have obligations to maintain it reasonably and competently.

“Confidentiality in a Wired World” is a recurring presentation put on by the Law Society of Upper Canada as part of its preparation for lawyers coming to practice in Ontario, Canada.  The presentation – and this accompanying e-book – touch on issues relating to passwords, encryption, and proper handling of technology to ensure client confidentiality is maintained.  It is not meant to be an exhaustive review of the security issues and ethical nuances raised by law practice and technology.  Rather, it is meant to highlight a baseline of steps that any new or seasoned lawyer can take to better protect their clients’ information.