Change Log

This is a list of changes that I have made to the original Charterpedia text.  I consider them to be minor and non-textual but you may disagree.


1.  Changed Charterpedia page headings from Section/Paragraph/Subsection so that all chapters begin “Section….”  This seems clearer in a table of contents and the Charterpedia page headings clash with textual references made within the chapters.


2.  Added links to CanLII versions of cases.  In some case, where there is a pinpoint cite (going directly to a paragraph of an online case), I swapped out the original link and used the CanLII pinpoint link since it goes directly to the paragraph.  ** TO DO ** Swap out *all* links so that any pinpoint cite goes directly to paragraph.

3.  I have inserted organizing parts that use the subtitles from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  This may help to understand sections within context.  Although they’re not from Charterpedia, they are taken directly from the legislation, except for the last grouping of 3 items that are not from the Charter.  I just bunged them together.


4. Noticing that the use of supra and similar backwards references should all be replaced with proper jump links.  I’m leaving that for a future version.

5. Updated links to decisions in past 2 weeks that are referred to but not linked or cited (appeals before the Supreme Court)