en-CA Confidentiality in a Wired World

Confidentiality in a Wired World

David Whelan

Lawyers use technology throughout their practice. They have professional obligations to protect the private and confidential information th…

en-CA Law Practice Technology

Law Practice Technology

David Whelan

The legal profession uses both general business and specific technology for law practice. This text, intended for law students about to emb…

en-CA Ontario Residential Tenancies Act

Ontario Residential Tenancies Act

David Whelan

A law can be difficult to read. In many cases, it is poorly written and formatted worse. This is an attempt to take a law that is difficul…

en-CA Unofficial Charterpedia

Unofficial Charterpedia

David Whelan

The Canadian Department of Justice's Charterpedia is a good start. This ebook is designed for lawyers and other legal professionals and the…